Recipes so hot

they'll blow your mind. Just ask Ned.

Ned said he created these recipes in his kitchen, although it might have been in someone else’s kitchen or somewhere else entirely. We aren’t really sure, and neither is Ned. But we do know they’re crafted with the finest peppers and hand-selected ingredients. And while consuming these fiery foods has affected Ned’s memory, we’re reasonably certain they won’t alter yours.

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While Ned’s red-hot recipes have never officially won any awards (apparently you can’t win if you forget to enter), we feel they could and would rack up enough trophies to make even the most decorated athletes jealous. Besides, your singed tongue is its own reward. Although, ask Ned, and he’ll proudly boast of the plethora of mutton chop-growing titles his products have garnered.

The Man, The Myth

The Absent-Minded

Just who is Ned and where did he come from? Well, stories of his past vary. He once recounted being raised by alpacas in Peru’s Colca Valley that fed him nothing but rocoto chiles. He has also claimed to be the love child of Julia Child and a blender.

But we’re less concerned with Ned’s past and more excited about where he is headed. As a culinary master of blistering breakthroughs, Ned continues to deliver powerfully peppery provisions that you’ll never forget, although he might. Here’s hoping he keeps it up… and keeps writing down his recipes.

He may be forgetful, but he’s still thoughtful.

Ned has always respected those who serve. As a way to give back, Ned will donate 5% of annual profits to Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a foundation that ensures a fully funded college education to every child of a military special operator who loses their life in the line of duty.

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